In the fall of 2011, the office space behind the west wall of the sanctuary was refurbished.  This made more (and more orderly) space for the secretary.  In addition to the  normal office furnishings, the pastor's portion now includes attractive book shelves for display and storage.

Down to the studs

The interior of the church received a major update during the winter of 2009-2010.  New electrical wiring, audio system, insulated walls, oak trim and wainscoting, carpet, and refinished pews have made it more attractive, safer, and "greener."


The 1999 renovation made the south room more functional in several ways.

  ADA Restroom  Pastor's OfficeADABathroom

Just outside the south room, the hallway leads to the third level of the elevator, a restroom, and the pastor's office.  Before the 1999 renovation this area was an inconvenient nest of stairways that made access a challenge.

Open House

An open house for the new office was held 9/18/11.


The sanctuary since the 2009-2010 renovation.

Special Events

Family get-togethers and special functions are  accommodated here in the South Room.